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Speedbird Aero is making drone delivery possible for companies, logistics services, and healthcare facilities. We are pushing the drone industry forward.

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Speedbird Aero, Who we are?

We are a Brazilian company that built unmanned aircraft and developed navigation systems capable of transporting and delivering small packages, including food, medicine and various products for commercial, industrial and healthcare use cases.

We have already performed thousands of flights. We believe that drone delivery will be important to evolve how logistics is applied in our cities, reducing street and avenue congestion and creating new economic opportunities for local businesses.

How does Speedbird drone delivery works?
Our thechnology is offered as "Drone as a Service (DaaS)". Our drones are custom designed to deliver packages safely, reliably and quickly. In summary, a customer sends the package to one of our facilities known as Droneport. The package is attached to our aircraft by a specialized operator. The drone then climbs to a cruise height of about 40 meters (130 feet) above the ground and flies for a few minutes to the designated delivery destination Droneport. Once at the destination, the drone slows down, hovers, and descends to a safe height when the landing procedure begins. The package is automatically decoupled and left in the delivery area. The drone then climbs back to cruise height and returns to the origin Droneport.
How automated is the operation?
Our planning and unmanned traffic management (UTM) software is designed to plan pre-defined routes, avoid obstacles, and meet regulatory requirements. The aircraft automatically monitors its systems to ensure that it is safe to fly and is programmed to prevent take-off or to take contingency actions automatically if a problem is detected. Our operators are trained and supervise the entire operation to ensure that the system is running smoothly.
How much weight the aircraft can transport?
Our drones are arranged in 3 different categories and all operate within Class 3 with a maximum take-off weight of 25 kg or less. The DLV-1 model is designed to deliver small packages weighing approximately 2 kg (4.4 lbs) or less. The DLV-2 model is capable of carrying packages of up to 8 kg (17.6 lbs). The DLV-4 is a VTOL model capable of carrying up to 5 kg (11 lbs) and delivering packages over long distances, reaching more than 100 km. We have already delivered fresh food, frozen desserts, medicines, household items and tools to users so far, and we hope to deliver several other products in the future.
How safe is the aircraft?
Speedbird Aero drones are among the safest ways to transport goods. In addition to delivering quickly, drones contribute to reducing the emission of carbon in the atmosphere, help to decongest streets and avenues, contribute to reduce traffic accidents, save lives and are directly linked to faster and more efficient logistics. We have already performed thousands of test flights and obtained an important Experimental Flight Authorization Certificate (CAVE) issued by ANAC to improve and confirm the safety of our operations. Our drones are equipped with redundancy systems and have an emergency parachute. All operations can only be carried out after rigorous analysis and approval by regulatory agencies. Initially, operations are authorized during the day and in favorable weather conditions. However, our drones are designed to fly safely during the day, at night and in light rain.
Does it operate in adverse weather conditions?
Initially, our operations are authorized during the day and in favorable weather conditions. However, our drones are designed to fly safely during the day, at night and in light rain.
Is there any Air Traffic Control coordination?
Our operations happen beyond the operator's visual line of sight (BVLOS). Therefore, it is necessary to request the issuance of a NOTAM. Depending on the location there is a need to make an operational agreement with heliports or nearby aerodromes. Our flights take place at less than 120 meters in height (400 feet) and as an added safety precaution, our operators are trained to closely monitor the radio frequency of local air traffic.
Do your drones carry any camera onboard?
Our aircraft are equipped with navigation cameras that point forward and downward and cannot be "directed" at specific objects or people. In other words, the aircraft's camera cannot be controlled by the operator and its sole purpose is to assist air navigation and precision landing. The images have low resolution, and in practice, people are not recognizable as our drones fly to their delivery destination.
How do I contact Speedbird Aero?
We are always looking for feedback, so if you have any questions about our company or service, or are interested in signing up to be one of our first customers, please drop us a line at

  • Considering only the size of the mall in Campinas, delivery people can take up to 12 minutes to collect the order at the restaurant. With the use of the drone, this time will vary from 30 seconds to 1 minute. With this, we have a significant gain in logistical efficiency. Fernando Martins, iFood

  • The intention is that the modality complements traditional transport, in addition to contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Our purpose of bringing health technology to anyone, wherever they are, depends on the logistical efficiency of our partners, be they hospitals or laboratories. Thus, we positively impact the entire health chain. Fernando Ramos, Grupo Pardini

  • It is essential to be connected with the new trends in logistics, whether in the short, medium or long term. This drone delivery pilot can also contribute to urban mobility and the environment, as it can help reduce the number of vehicles on the streets and, consequently, the emission of pollutants. Bruno Stefani, Ambev

  • In constant search for innovation, we operate on several fronts that can bring more quality and agility in the delivery, automation and multichannel process for customer service. Combining the pioneering spirit of the Claro and Speedbird brands, the operator will be the first company in the country, in the telecom market, to have cargo drones for delivery of products. Hamilton Ricardo, Claro

Authorization of fixed and pre-defined routes for delivery of products at low altitude.

Carry up to 5kg of cargo with DLV-4 aircraft within 100km radius.

Carry up to 8kg cargo with the DLV-2 aircraft within 10km radius.

Prevents people and children from approaching and contacting the aircraft.

The system operates with UTM characteristics and it is possible to contact operators and coordinate multiple flights.

The cargo temperature is monitored throughout the aircraft journey. It provides traceability and suggests a new modal for healthcare.

Automated landing assisted by artificial intelligence. The package is precisely delivered at the destination droneport.

Aircraft system has achieved BVLOS authorization and relies on autonomous parachute flight termination system for emergency situations.

Meet our aircraft

  • Speedbird Aero Family

  • DLV-1 Aircraft

  • DLV-2 Aircraft

  • DLV-4 Aircraft


- 1

For urban areas

DLV-1 is designed for urban drone logistics. It's capable of carrying up to 2 kilograms of cargo and operates within 2.5 km radius. It is geared towards the delivery of lightweight goods, food, medicines, and ecommerce orders. This aircraft will connect neighborhoods, stores, hospitals, and laboratories.


- 2

Heavy lifting

DLV-2 is designed for heavy lifting drone logistics. It's capable of carrying up to 8 kilograms of cargo, and is geared towards the air transportation of heavy payloads, such as industrial items, beverage packs, biological materials, and multiple ecommerce orders. This aircraft will connect neighborhoods, warehouses, hospitals, and laboratories, and operates within 10 km radius.


- 4

Connecting cities

DLV-4 is designed for long range drone logistics. It's capable of carrying up to 5 kilograms of cargo, and is geared towards the delivery of goods, medicines, and ecommerce orders. This aircraft will connect cities, warehouses, hospitals and remote areas. It can reach locations 100 km away.

Specialized software

Route planning

The Cloud Control Station (CCS) system is designed to provide expert flight planning tools for Speedbird Aero cargo drones. It's through this system that air corridors, safety logic and predefined routes are created to connect droneports strategically positioned in cities, hospitals, warehouses and distribution hubs.

Safe navigation

Once the flight plan has been defined, the entire operation takes place in an automated manner and accompanied by an operator. The system is 100% online and uses existing internet infrastructure and 4G / LTE networks. All aircraft, droneports and operators are interconnected by a proprietary communication protocol that provides telemetry and video in real time.

Computer vision

At the destination, the system has an automated landing system, assisted by computer vision. The operator can interact with the system whether or not the package can be landed and delivered. After finishing the flight, the system generates a detailed mission report with important data on sensors, energy consumption and delivery time consistency.

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Speedbird Aero is making drone delivery possible for companies, logistics services, and healthcare facilities. We are pushing the drone industry forward. Partner with us, we will be glad to help!